Blotter Art Archive

Blotter Art Archive & Historic Information.

Information and photos of historic LSD sheets this archive features Blotter Art acid sheets dated from the 1960’s to current day.

Our Goal:

To preserve blotter art designs and historical information through this archive.

Due to the nature of blotter art many sheet have been dosed and consumed throughout the years leading to no public information on these sheets available.
With some un-dosed vintage sheets resurfacing years later being quickly purchased by collectors I have compiled this archive to further preserve images and information about these historical sheets.
The archive includes information on when each blotter art design was first printed / seen publicly with many sheets in the archive including extra information about artists, chemists, backstories etc whenever this information is available and shareable.
Many of the vintage sheets photographed in the archive had been dosed with LSD in the past please keep this in mind as many of the acid sheets may look slightly discolored because of this and also due to the age of the sheet.
These dosed sheets have been treated with UV light to destroy any LSD that was once on the sheet so that they can be legally preserved for there historical value.
The archive included a log of prints scanned and tested by the DEA that contains dosage information of some seized acid blotter sheets as well as a growing archive of new vanity blotter.

I will update this archive as often as I can.
If you feel you can contribute to the archive please get in touch.

A small look into the archive:

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