Blotter Art by Jeff Hopp

About the Artist Jeff Hopp: Jeff Hopp, is an American artist, author and musician based in Tempe, Arizona. Jeff has worked on many unique projects over the years including CD/Album covers, event posters, blotter art and many more. Jeffs unique psychedelic art style is truly beautiful and very intricate. He often includes famous celebrities inContinue reading “Blotter Art by Jeff Hopp”

Blotter Art by Ciaran Shamen

About the Artist Ciaran Shamen: Ciaran Shaman is an english artists based in Saltburn-by-the-Sea, England. Ciaran has release many blotter prints over the years and is a very talented psychedelic artist. His artwork is truly beautiful and very detailed. Born in England in 1971, Ciaran began creating art around 1990, Thankfully he decided 10 yearsContinue reading “Blotter Art by Ciaran Shamen”

10 Celebrities Who Have Taken Psychedelics

Today we dive into 10 celebrities who have taken LSD or other psychedelic drugs and their stories. In this short list I cover 10 well known celebrities that have experimented with psychedelic drugs, this is a short list in no particular order, their is undoubtedly many more that could be added but here’s 10 celebritiesContinue reading “10 Celebrities Who Have Taken Psychedelics”