Blotter Art Photo Archive

This archive is for historical blotter and LSD acid sheets as well as recent printed vanity blotter art. Many of the vintage sheets did contain LSD at one point but have since been treated with UV light to destroy any LSD from the sheets allowing the sheets to be legally preserved for their historical value.

We try to gather as much information about these sheets as possible with this archive being preserved for historic and educational value.

Information about the blotter art can be view by clicking on the blotter art photos.

If you feel like you can contribute to the archive please get in touch.

1970’s Blotter Art

1980’s Blotter Art

1990’s Blotter Art

19XX’s Unknown Blotter Art

2000‘s Blotter Art

DEA Scanned Blotter Art

This blotter art index consists of designs examined and logged by the DEA’s Special Testing and Research Lab. The blotter art has been scanned so the quality of the images in not the best.

The first column is a scan of the blotter art. The second column includes the name of the blotter, the active ingredient, the dose in μg and the year the lab encountered the blotter.
The % percent in the second column indicates the zoom percent of the image. The third column indicates the state and/or country where the design was found by the lab, This does not mean that the design originated from this area or had only been seen in these areas!

Recent Vanity Blotter Art

These sheet have been printed as vanity blotter art however as most are / were available for public sale some have occasionally been doses and distributed after sale.