10 Celebrities Who Have Taken Psychedelics

Today we dive into 10 celebrities who have taken LSD or other psychedelic drugs and their stories.

In this short list I cover 10 well known celebrities that have experimented with psychedelic drugs, this is a short list in no particular order, their is undoubtedly many more that could be added but here’s 10 celebrities psychedelic stories:

1. Bill Gates

As many people know Apple founder Steve Job had experimented LSD with even once saying LSD was one of the most profound experiences of his life.

However far less people know about Bill Gates’s psychedelic experiences.

In a now removed 1994 interview with Playboy Magazine, Microsoft founder Bill Gates spoke very guardedly about his psychedelic use, smirking to the interviews when confronted about a story of him starting at a table worrying the corner would plunge into his eye.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

Interviewer: Ever take LSD?

Gates: My errant youth ended a long time ago.

Interviewer: What does that mean?

Gates: That means there were things I did under the age of 25 that I ended up not doing subsequently.

The interviewer pressed on, asking Gates about a time when he allegedly was under the influence of LSD. (It’s unclear how this anecdote became known.)

Interviewer: One LSD story involved you staring at a table and thinking the corner was going to plunge into your eye.

Gates: [Smiles]

Interviewer: Ah, a glimmer of recognition.

Gates: That was on the other side of that boundary.

The interview was then moved along from the subject of psychedelics.

2/3. Matt Stone & Trey Parker (South Park)

The comedy duo responsible for creating South Park have the ability and desire to piss off anyone and everyone in Hollywood.

Starting in 1997 South Park have released hundreds of episodes with a “no holds barred” style of comedy, poking fun at big name celebrities including Kanye West, Oprah, George Clooney and many more. In 1999 they realised a full length feature film “South Park The Movie” in which gay lovers Saddam Hussein and Satan return from hell and attempt to take over the world. A sound from the movie called Blame Canada was nominated for the best original soundtrack academy award 2000.

The South Park duo attended the oscars very high on LSD wearing dresses once worn by Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez.

After changing clothes and sitting though the Oscars including a live performance of Blame Canada performed by Robin Williams now coming down from the the acid they were in the end beat by Phil Collins.

A Blotter Art sheet with a mix of South Park characters is available here.

However the evening was captured by the tens of thousands of journalist and news reporters also attending and was also discussed in a 2011 documentary .

Clips from the Oscars and the documentary:
Robin Williams Performing Blame Canada:
4. Sting

While being interviewed for a psychedelic themed Netflix documentary “Have a Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics” Sting recalls multiple psychedelic experiences including his first Peyote experience at his farm house in England. While walking outside his home he took an unknown amount of Peyote at around 11am.

He recalls trees waving musically and the sounds of the grass singing as he began to enter his psychedelic trip. shortly after this as he is passing the farm on his property the farm manager calls urgently on Sting to help him, after trying to avoid the situation the farm manager quickly explains to Sting that a pregnant cow on the farm was having problem giving birth and without Stings help the cow would die.

Sting recall’s the intensity of the psychedelics still growing throughout the conversation and as he agrees to help with the birth, when he enters the barn where the cow is he can see that it is in alot of pain and with limited time they began to assist with the birth.
This involves tying a rope around the steers legs and pulling it out of the mother with all kinds of fluids and sounds filling the area.

The birth took around 20 minutes and was thankful successful, when the steer was successfully deliver Sting recalls feeling the universe cracking open akin to discovering the meaning of life.

5.Mike Tyson

A true boxing champion former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson has experimented with many psychedelic drugs but his most talked about would be 5-MeO-DMT, Tyson has spoke about his experience with DMT on multiple podcasts including Joe Rogan’s and his own podcast Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson. Mike credit’s his psychedelic drug use to his recent return to boxing, weight loss as well as the reason he stopped his bad cocaine habit.

He talked about his first experience with DMT milked from Sonoran Desert Toad and the vast improvements in his life since this ego dissolving experience in 2018. He recalls seeing aztec visuals and strange animals and remembers the trip as inconceivable.

6. Seth Rogen

It’s no secret that Hollywood’s favourite stoner Seth Rogen smokes weed born in British Columbia home of some of finest weed available. Seth grew up smoking BC bud and has also experimented with other some other psychedelic drugs at a young age.

During an interview with Vulture Seth recalls dozens of consciousness expanding mushroom trips around the age of 13/14 and throughout his adolescents and teens.

When asked if he still regularly takes psychedelics he replied “I don’t know if I’d say regularly, but I do them, yeah.” stating psilocybin is a very insightful drug and he has made some big life decisions as a result of his trips including quitting a recent job.

7. Miley Cyrus

The former Disney star and current world famous musician spoke to Rolling Stone magazine in 2021 about her use of Ayahuasca in 2013. Miley was working on music at the time with Wayne Coyne of Flaming Lips when they decided to use Ayahuasca.

During her experience Miley recalls a snake taking her to “Mother Ayahuasca who then guided her through the entire trip, she felt the trip was very healing and said she loved what it did for her. Although she does not have plans to try the psychedelic again she was quoted saying “Ayahuasca was definitely one of my favorite drugs I’ve ever done.”

Miley also has a song about taking MDMA which can have a mild psychedelic effect so I have included this as an honorable mention.

8/9. John Lennon / George Harrison

The world famous musician had his first run-in with psychedelics unwittingly in 1965 when his friend John Riley placed LSD laced sugar cubes in Lennons and his wife coffee along with his girlfriend and George Harrison’s coffee and also his own coffee, shortly after the group finished these drinks at Johns Riley ‘s home he confessed to the group what he has done.

Rightfully Lennon was angry as he had very limited knowledge of the powerful hallucinogenic exclaiming to Riley “how dare you fucking doing this to us”

John, his wife and Harrison then left the house and and headed for Leicester Square’s Ad Lib Club in Harrison’s Mini Cooper.

They recall a number of things from there trip including rooms seeming to get larger and larger and also panicking while in a lift as the group though there was a fire due to a small red light inside the life.

George Harrison told Rolling Stone magazine, “I had such an overwhelming feeling of well-being, that there was a God, and I could see him in every blade of grass. It was like gaining hundreds of years of experience in 12 hours.”

Whiles John recalls the trip as “Fantastic but terrifying”

The following year The Beatles released the album Revolver, widely known as there most innovative album.

10. Jack Nicholson.

Like many other Jack Nicholson used LSD in the 1960’s and spoke of his life changing experience with the drug. He believed after during his first psychedelic experience that he had seen the face of God.

While Nicholson was writing the screenplay for the 1967 movie “The Trip,” he very regularly took LSD.

Honorable Mentions

Here are 10 quick honorable mentions that didn’t make the list:

  • Steve Jobs (Apple)
  • Lindsay Lohan (Actress)
  • Joe ‘DMT’ Rogan (Comedian)
  • Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia)
  • Paul Simon (Musician)
  • Susan Sarandon (Actress)
  • Ben Stiller (Actor)
  • Sarah Silverman (Actress)
  • Reggie Watts (Comedian)
  • Samuel L. Jackson (Actor)

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